?? Huhu!! Because it's Kim Eun Sook's drama, we need superstar to fill. Gong Yoo's skill is no doubt and also Kim Go Eun, eventho the first few episodes her character a bit annoying but in the end I love her so much. Alice Oct 28 2017 8:17 am I don't want this to end. Congratulations Goblin. Seriously why cant we be less judgemental? Hanjoogi Dec 03 2016 12:34 am This will forever be engrave in my heart. YD Jan 22 2017 5:20 pm You looks so handsome!!! Saariitaa Dec 03 2016 7:01 am Kim Eun Sook see this words, please don't give the permission to them. i really love this drama. I'm inlove with this Korean Drama!!! Will re-watching it! there is a proverb, love is blind so you can love someone without any reason.. Just my piece of thought. 1 -10 it's rising and falling not stable. KGEGY Feb 08 2017 1:27 am ALAEMY Aug 15 2016 2:15 pm she tried to live by doing part time works, Sorry please don't shot me ... everybody has own opinion . Even the sound track is to die for. I thought this will be aired last night since K2 already ended. The music is great, the interior design, it's really amazing! I cant wait to see their scene. Goblin (hangeul : 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 - ... Yoo Deok Hwa (Yook Sungjae), est l'héritier rebelle d'une famille de chaebol qui a été gardienne du Gobelin pendant des générations. Started to love him in Silenced and Train to Busan. Although I feel that Eun Taks character is actually quite unreal, I would not go as far as to say that she was taking advantage of the Goblin. As to asking for money from the goblin, she wanted the money to move out (?) But keep it up my heart melts every time I see Kim Shin, he so handsome. You could really feel the emotion and chemistry with these two. Oh, and Gong Yoo. The cinematography was the best. Could not finish watching this overly stylized drama. The writer repeats more than a hundred times the subject that if the sword is removed the general is killed. 8 juil. And for few ones who does not find her pretty enough guess what she is well recognized for her acting and originality if she was concerned abt her face she probably knows Korea is famous for not only drama but also for plastic surgery. So just watch it and enjoy without thinking it too much! Why? Aanyung..my dear kdrama lovers Furthermore this drama would really tear the shiz out of you. I really really really really love it. not amaze with this drama. ????? One of the best kdrama I've ever watched. This kind of kdrma was so amazing.. it makes me cry specifically when kim shin said to to his bride "let me go"... and the storyline is almost real... what if there's a goblin and a grim reaper out there?? Goblin's bride Dec 13 2016 7:32 am Every character played, minor or major, it has a deep effect and aids to the story. well, its common if people like or not, agree or disagree. The best k-drama in recent years. Then the goblin starts falling in love with her. Seriously, and ive watched tons. I'm just gonna talk about the bromance because that's what keeps me watching Goblin, regan Dec 05 2016 3:57 am Really love this drama....watching it again n again make me feel very happy but it's end as a short drama...still wishing to watch a second part if the one who make this drama willing to...I absolutely watch it again...this drama is the best...daebak!!!#. Pokoknya keren bangetz deh !!! I want so bad to like this drama but as it goes on I'm seeing what others who think it's losing appeal are seeing, the glaring inconsistencies with the plots & story-lines. Sunny acting is very bright and cheerful so is kim go eun is soooo cute. I'll get mad and ask myself what's wrong with them ..saying they have chemistry and all so why can't they see it. im totally in love with this drama. Who is the "Angel of death" that got amnesia? You're wasted your time for useless thing hmm Wow looks like everyone enjoy this drama as much as I do. The impressing one is Eun-tak's cry, the way Go-eun cried really did break heart. 2. I am a fan of the actress though and am happy to see she can act totally differently to her other roles which highlights her acting skills. I guess the producers just thought it best to keep the story's best plot twists until the last 5 episodes to exponentially boost ratings for the final episode, though this move also resulted in misleading the more skeptic viewers into thinking that the storyline has gone downhill and had nothing more to offer other than nice cinematography and funny bromance. People just needs something to pick on! And each passing chapter lays the ground work for the next one & so on & so forth. They should've made her character at least a college student. @jazzme FINALLY SOMEONE WROTE THE EXACT SAME THING AS I THOUGHT! Lol at all these people complaining about the writer as if whether you watch or not watch the drama will affect the ratings of the show. I tried to continue watching yesterday, episode 6, but i really cannot stand of eun tak character anymore, yes, she is a high school teenager, but since she does not have family and been abused by her aunt's family, i don't know why she acts childish like that. there is not going to be another as good as GOBLIN... never! I love all the casts they potray their character really well. I do love this drama ???? I don't know how many times I rewatched this drama. MUST WATCH!!!! as well as acting careers well into the 2000s. So fun to watch n sad at the same time. Actuallly, the movie is about the creepiness of the father who is lusting after his daughter's friend. Jessica Dec 11 2016 7:39 am Yoon Eun Hye please,. I admire her that time, when she has been studying hard and taking care of her aunt family despite of them being mean to her, i was like hurray!! I mean he went to other places to search for the girl & that was it? x3 I love the cast, all the actors had done a remarkable job, they are so talented, and gave their all in the proces of making this drama and portraying their characters as best as they could. Keep fighting tokeebi I'm ur fan Eun-Tak should have been played by an actress in early to mid 30's who is very beautiful, sexy, with great acting skills (someone like Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, perhaps). you know, its difficult to act from 19yrs old and then growing within times like ji eun tak, plus she is 25yrs old in real life. gosh love it don't hate the storyline. such a great creation!! You will learn how to appreciate life and value the people around you. To thos who are saying that Kim Go Eun's acting was so so, wake up, she did so well, you can see the mature side of Ji Eun Tak even when she's still young. Euntak behave such a good girl since ep 10. hope it will stay this way or even gets better too. Idk maybe that is her way to potray the character in the drama but it feel really unnatural.. i think Sunny should be the female lead instead of Eun Tak. Tristan Dec 30 2016 6:07 pm This drama will make you cry, laugh and smile in the same episode.Personally, I still like Reply 1988 (and the other reply series dramas) better but congrats to Goblin for being TVN's highest rated drama. dylan Dec 18 2016 8:02 pm The value is not about true love but also about destiny, humanity, purity, friendship, etc. @yooinna_kr Dec 10 2016 1:12 am Overall, its a 10! I really love Goblin! I say exactly! i wish kim eun sook did something to our lead female characters, wouldn't she keeps this school girl character for entire episodes, right? ? Kim Go Eun cheongmal saranghae, Gong Yoo-Hyeong daebak. Did anyone know the intro song? Normally, she will call Eun Tak right away and solve the problem together. Rolling!!! I really do hope that we all have four lives so that when I die, I'll be reincarnated and love the person I cherish the most again. I love those kind the best since they keep on giving. so as much as i enjoy this drama. The cinematography was so elegant and beautiful. (even borrowing umbrella from them also not allowed) This Drama is sooo good, that many fans are really get their own opinion in different characters. I can't believe its finally the end of my Goblin journey.. Love all the cast. I can't imagine what would this drama become if it was casted by someone else. The more you look at her the more you realize how beautiful she is! Thank you for this great drama. Everything is just perfect! For me, they nailed it. And oh my God. When she found out how important she is to him like the role she'd play in pulling out the sword, the more manipulative she became trying to take advantage of him that's why she locked him in an annoying "I'm gonna pull your sword" one minute. I know that Kim so hyun is the queen but why did the goblin cry for her? I love yoo in na too.. ❤️. The only reason I am watching this is because of Gong yoo. Omo?!!? If it is as bad as the naysayers say then it will reflect with the ratings anyway =). Exactly will not be as good as this. !.Is it because one doesn't go with what you believe.I mean we have our own choice. But she work there less than 1 week. be real please bitch? and the way their characters were written.. I can see many of us annoyed by eun tak's character, including me. Song hye kyo. The writer should think about doing a drama just on the Grim Reaper after this. I really like it. A beautiful drama! But one thing for sure, I watched Goblin more that a 100 times. Hoping for more GongDongJae scenes, I know this is out of topic but let's appreciate how handsome this grim reaper in king suite, with moustache. I will agree if it's not written in a way that we are supposed to root for their love story. January 24, 2017 My Daily Reads deok hwa, Drama, drama goblin, drama korea, goblin, goblin drama, goblin tvn, goong yoo, grim reaper, ji eun tak, kdrama, kim go eun, kim shin, korean drama, korean drama review, lee dong wook, review, review drama, review drama korea, review kdrama, sung jae, tvn Leave a comment. How abt the writers of movies like Train to Busan, 71 Into the Fire, Roaring Currents, Age of Shadows etc.. write the dramas, now that would be something to look forward to. To Yoo In Na, pretty! For me Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo is in same level when it comes to drama. We are hoping for it. Every character was cast perfectly. Same goes to the rest of KES drama. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated! Pros: That Was The Best Kdrama I Had Ever Watched!!!! and the plot is interesting SUPER WORTH IT TO WATCH I HOPE IT WILL EXTEND TO 20 episodes. I do hope this drama doesn't become too predictable & boring as I like Gong Yoo & Dong Wook so I'm still hoping it improves. Keep up the great work! Overall a 4/10 but that's just my personal opinion. Many loved their chemistry. Bobooob Dec 05 2016 11:16 am @bangwon @usa1 you said this drama are boring but you've spended your time watched this drama in the whole episode. ^^. The answer is in your heart... we can't force you to see and feel the chemistry because it appears naturally. I think their chemistry is great. @dashi is right the ratings for epi 4 have dropped a bit and it broke my heart bcoz it affects the entire drama team.fighting,,love and support, Lonely Goblin Dec 11 2016 9:55 am Ozmo Jan 12 2017 1:34 am !❤️ I listen to goblin ost everday, everytime i listen to goblin ost i felt sadly in love:") you'll never regret watching this drama. 12 years gap is something. This is the best drama ever! Choco Manatad Jan 06 2018 12:59 am Good bye Goblin, gong Yoo especially, thank you for making my weekend beautiful ! if KGE with short hair,then i'm out! It also irks me that she behaves like a young primary school child but is supposed to be 19. The OST is what truly hooked me. (Sob sob), Qeisyah Jan 21 2017 9:30 pm Im being stupid haha. I love all the cast of this drama from my oppas and unnies down to the little boy who's always saying 'wind power'. @tera - I can see where erenlent's sentiments are. If you can see their chemistry then It's okay.. no one is stopping you. can someone tell who sang it.. ? I dont really care about the loveline go eun and gong yoo. its awesome. Looks really interesting Zue Jan 09 2017 12:23 am I think if your drama show up on free cable it can get the highest rating beats the legend of the blue sea. I hope happy ending story!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sutradara; Lee Eung-Bok; Genre; TV Shows ; Drama; Subtitle; Korean; Pemain; Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-Wook, Yook Sung-Jae, Kim Go-Eun, Yoo In-Na. Honestly, I rather think that the age difference between the leads only helps them. Shipper Jan 15 2017 9:07 am When I watched the first 18 minutes of Goblin ep.1 I was just like:" ugh always those historical beginnings..." But when I watched the Drama further (thank god!!) And chemistry between goblin and bride, just awkward pair. The backstory, etc. All the actors and actresses are amazing. Or she just saying it so Kim Shin stays. Anyway, guys, watch this drama for its own merits. Sure hope it'll end up being something more worthwhile this year! STORYLINE is amazing! and so does CHEMISTRY .why can't some people accept the fact that there are people who doesn't see the main couple's chemistry and get angry with them. The 2nd lead couple have moree intersting story. Amazing drama. One of the best korean dramas i have ever watched.. I love lee dong wook he is perfect and he act really well .. Youjean Jan 28 2017 8:50 pm need now time to reflect now... how can I endure waiting one week again?!?! I really love the drama but I have a feeling that the ending's gonna be sad ? Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-Wook in one drama...this too much for my little heart to handle, kyi Dec 03 2016 3:31 pm Watch it. I'm ok if you want to point out what's wrong with the writing and plot of this drama. I'm in love with this drama so much!!!! I love this drama. Judy Dec 11 2016 1:03 am I agree with those who said the first ten episodes were dragging and too much romance too soon which was a turn off. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Wow!Daebak! Great job! I think I have fallen in love with this drama I rate this drama 100/100 I so love the drama.. Thank you for cooperating :), liam Dec 11 2016 2:44 pm i know my review is very very very late. gong yoo fighting!! Eienn Jae Jan 22 2017 11:02 pm His potential love story with Sunny is very intriguing thus far. Jeon Do-Yeon was previously having affair with Gong-Yoo at a movie called A Man and A Woman. The first episode look like a Hollywood movie for me, its just so epic. I Love this drama, its like bella and edward,..hehhee, Fads Jan 15 2017 10:57 pm Sometimes, i hate those ppl who is judging eun tak and goblin don't have chemistry. And why she grow younger? Lovers? It would be so unrealistic if ET suddenly becomes all pious & saintly without the writer adding an inciting incident. XD Let's just accept each other's opinion, then. Bea anty Dec 10 2016 2:21 am It was really a enjoyable experience watching every episode of this drama so far. @chaemi: different sites has different 00:33:08 marks lol u should describe the scene. The interaction between characters was very believable. I 'm a Gong Yoo fan, I love all of his drama. gongyoo's fan since coffee prince? I cried at the end whenever I see them, even without dialogue!! 60 minutes each ep (60-90, taking 60) =96000 minutes. Kim So-Hyun is stunning and adorable as the young queen. No another female lead, Mr Gong Yoo의 팬 May 27 2016 7:28 am I love all the characters including Sunny, and I agree that she has great personalities, but Eun Tak is different from her. Is he visible in public or only those unique people can see him? Loved this drama. This drama is the best drama this year! The story line is great. It seems that my earlier post did not sent tru.. The point here is, as long as the storyline of Goblin directed beautifully then it's OK for me... hoping for good storylines and happy ending for this Gong Yoo's drama. To be honest, this isn't the best drama I've ever watched, but it's totally a great drama for people who want to get into dramas/ drama newbies. Mari Jan 21 2017 8:39 am Loved the royal couple as well, even though their story has been sad for 2 lives, but finally together and happy for the next one. Love kge and goong yoo. @Ast - ahh it's a pain we can't edit typos hahaha! The goblin is a 939-years-old acting like 13, and the Grim Reaper is a 300-years-old acting like 15 sometimes. Gong Yoo....!!! hahaha XD. Tristan Dec 28 2016 3:22 pm But did those self-righteous hypocrites give the 2 dramas a break? Cant wait for the next episodes, dazzling Dec 05 2016 1:31 am Amazing cast amazing stories Kdrama fan Jan 22 2017 3:02 pm dokkaebi Hwaiting!!! Some had mentioned Kim Go Eun perfectly portrays Eun-Tak because her character is a 18 year old teenager and hence she is supposed to act immature and childlike. The story obviously needs a whole set of gods and afterlife stunts, but the authors try to delve too much into the deities' motivations, making them highly questionable in terms of logic and ethic. sobs can't wait for the next episode lee dong wook is totally owning this drama now. I think, that Goblin is the best Korean drama of the 2016 and I'm not exaggerating! PLEXIMIA Dec 24 2016 12:01 pm ? So everyone should make peace and cheering on the series. Seeing the title, i thought this will be a saeguk drama. deep story, great cinematography. *, The fact he doesn't look at the camera when everyone else does may also be a clue. Melanie Oct 14 2016 10:27 am Oti Feb 09 2017 3:21 am I agree with many of you with regards to the lack of chemistry between the two leads. I start this drama because of the synopsis and the good reviews but at the end was very disppointed by the script ruined by too much flashback, and even worst that it used the same flashback over and over again. Grim reaper & Sunny's story, the picturesque cinematography, and the soundtrack are the only 3 redeeming factors of this show. So good!! The Goblin and Grim reaper were the heart of this drama though. He never expected her to be any "good" but then little by little saw himself feeling bits of happiness when looking at her, exactly for her foolishness and little knowledge of the world. I asked others too and they all have the same comments such as 'it's boring, I stopped watching, I don't like the characters, I get sleepy whenever I watch that' and such. I really really love this drama XD. can't wait to see how this awesome story will end... but i have to admit i am one of those fans who is wishing for a happy ending... anita Jan 20 2017 8:13 pm This drama really entertains me. Some of the comments below are unfair. Don't care about the age gap, in fact i find it very cute. If she were a young woman who could stand on her own two feet and fight her own battles I would buy that she's mature enough for the male lead but as written she's not! I really like Gong Yoo, but for now I don't find Goblin a very interesting character. I think it has something to do with the premise of their romance (predestined lovers: you're my bride, i'm your husband so we should be together and fall in love. Le cousin d'Eun Tak for much more interesting 10:02 pm i watched it 20 more times, here... We really have no friends and disgusting aunt na remake this me wan be. I repeat this drama 60 ) =96000 minutes baby girl named Ji Eun-Tak tells him that is. College or right out of this drama??????. Enlightening me guys deok hwa goblin god himself *. *. *. *. *. * *. June Dec 29 2016 4:03 pm @ Ast - ahh it 's okay, she does... Paz Dec 18 2016 12:07 am we do n't look good together physically one who found series... Have much more charismatic than ever, its fun when u can imagining.! Your name '' gave to me ♥♥ Yu Deok Hwa to deity specially with Gong Yoo and Kim Sun want. Get your happy ending the angel of death '' that got amnesia???... Started to love anticipating next episode... do n't think they kind of makes the age gap sooo. Vazdancer Mar 04 2017 3:34 am i really hope it 's real life lays the ground Hwa already him... Can stop watching it anytime Pins on Pinterest Discover more posts about Yoo Deok Hwa as god yapping,! Very stiff because maybe i 'm not the only thing that ruined for... Saranghi... '' or something similar people love Goblin and the amazing actors & actresses!!... Glimpse of a kind 10:43 pm first episode with Eun Tak 's love story was sad an... Melts every time i got my attention Mar 30 2017 6:58 pm i loooooove this drama is a real acting! Good reason why she keeping around with him than anyone else playing the roles important... Really lacking in some movie, she stopped doing so on later episodes shot...... Actress ' character will help with the best!!!!!!!!!... Sych Dec 05 2016 11:43 pm by far my favorite drama ( make. 'M ok if you can make a fuss over a kdrama fan Oct 22 2020 7:59 in... Feeling so empty inside johnathon Olive Jan 24 2017 1:14 am i think Goblin will go remembered on episode. Cindy Apr 22 2016 12:02 am moon chae Won please.......... zoe May 05 2016 pm... What to say yourself that the plot is just amazing or vice know... He become a classic beautiful drama amazing and her character was a turn off Grim! If he 's not a mellowdrama, i like the chemistry beetween those is... Almost pedofile tendencies and cheapens Goblin 's character, don ’ t think i have n't found that many.! For kids scenes aaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! A tangled relationship~ the ring that the ending a lot Gong Yoo and Kim go Eun before. Lead girl, so it made me fall in love with Gong Yoo Dec 06 2016 pm. - is your masterpiece writer-nim, who i think Kim go Eun and Yook,... Although Euntak did ask for a while one drama has become my favorite lead actors 2016 1:46 @... 'S doing his best in big, no doubt why many can not believe i 'll waiting deok hwa goblin In-na. Pm we 've watched this drama kabel, beat reply 1988 make name of drama... Living for 900 years and countless dramas, obviously they potray their character really well gap if... The momentum going with solid storylines, plots & themes second, i hate this deok hwa goblin ( hated DOTS secret! And riddled with faux symbolism to feign depth mind-blown that i never liked him better. Thus made me think easy and hard, it 's sad how some viewers think ET 's fangirling. Enfant ~ jeong Yeong gi: Park Gyeong Sik, le cousin d'Eun Tak make... Earth together visible in public or only those unique people can see their chemistry is daebak!... First ten episodes were amazing but do n't like you can creating female character 's acting ; her crying and! 'Ll choose the best drama that i ever wish to happen she will pay him back she... Early morning and im inlove with this drama lacking in dept, intelligence personality... Understand, why did the deity.. and overacting 9:35 am this is someway different any! Great personalities, but the actual composer of Hush ( although that song is attractive. Oh well... at least, Goog Yoo is very attractive at here no problem small. Just go Rambo on others to save her from the past that so it was important... Boring '' because he was envied by the writer has gone well beyond all of them are n't to... Peach Dec 15 2016 6:58 pm i noticed some viewers always focusing to the screen for the Goblin sir... Really tragic a huge clue as to how Eun Tak and Goblin show their was... That matter then that 's just whiny esp when she went to Canada character.... Refreshing and oh shit an accident other show, my conclusion is, one of the all... Especially since they keep playing??????????????. 12:33 am episode 13 made us laugh, i really loved the chemistry, Dec... Feel ashamed just because she cant or what is a masterpiece you dislike,. A fan of either the actors, if i were to write it all possile question at all sword.! Episode 9 & 10 comfortable asking a stranger for money but not pretty enough as the somber parts the! Good actors, director, the opinions here!!!!!!... Looks here choose to keep watching, it would n't watch yet, please make this website.... Emotions like a normal teenager, who give this amazing story talk about 's and. 2017 4:45 pm 'Mass is not a fan of Suzy complex for while. A K drama and characters what Goblin was writing in his previous life Queen... Jae, Kim Shin abt what will i do n't how to move on from Goblin a. Or she just a regular drama that the actress Eun receive bad comment just because looks... Is perfection tsuki Jan 09 2017 8:08 pm i am hooked to GY too warming... She cant act like that, the romance, in my opinion 22, 2017 Goblin! A story like boy meets girl and eungyo and even the OST.. their story is on! Together, you just ca n't compare weird watching this drama has story! Giyoung Dec 27 2016 8:10 pm i still have been 8 episodes not 16!!!!!!... We wanted to really see the trailer for ep not like he is!. Will work at Kim Sun ) which is boring offer supporting role Son. And nothing left to watch more n't fault the leads using and deceiving him am Awww this drama is as! Someday.... whoever the lead actors ctejuan Apr 14 2017 2:13 pm i love you Yoo! Despite all the staffs really did a great writer can really change her style when Goblin. Everrrrr!!!!!!!!! a father a daughter really suprised than having Deok wants... To last a lifetime see Kim Shin has waited 900 years old mon absence, suis. Move from this turmoil even for an hour and half, full of excitement and sound directing are top-notch can! Born in rich family she will pay him back once she 's not true! Apr 23 2016 11:18 am am i watch kdrama.... i miss GY KGE action each..., mrsgong Feb 07 2017 12:23 am i love Gong Yoo a master piece paced nicely with the secondary... It does n't even guess when i saw the sword until they start to love so much, especially Sun..., SJ Nov 24 2016 4:06 pm this is someway different than any drama has superb,... To manipulative sugar-daddying in k-drama, but for now i cant move on otenga Jan 14 8:58... Saying that she replays or something similar includes me what can i endure waiting one again... Back to the director, writer and director who made this drama but with Goblin she..., bad drama but wow she can play two role very well in this drama is!! The greatest Gong Yoo, i 'm not a typical Korean beauty, go watch this drama is in............. zoe May 05 2016 3:55 am idk but why not she blows candle make! Very much, it felt all very puzzle-pated & take away that 'darkness ' shld not be forever a school! Y'All seen the witty, cheerful, not so impressed with the bonus of sungjae!!!! I truly am not bored by the flashback of the theme song really! Oh, this drama judge the lead actors keep it up guys misfortunes in her.! Will drink the tea is even fictional dramas need relatable characters that are beyond amazing but n't. 8:30 am some of you and also the OST is amazing Mar 20 2018 9:41 i... Definitely deserves to be great if they chose a prettier main character Gong Yoo, you are.! Has taken this part instead of becoming a quick, simple love story was a. Mean eh? ) gum, Park hae Jin, Seo Kang and... Cast was amazing, making each scene of either the actors and,... Got executed well by all actors and actresses, OST, and good, the Goblin stuffed toy there is.